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Online Reviews for HAUNTED MANSION #1:

HAUNTED MANSION Review From Donald Deeley from Silver Bullet Comics,
Aug.12th, 2004

"D.W. Frydendall (Satan’s Three Ring Circus of Hell) tells the story of the mansion’s regular groundskeeper being fired so the boss’s nephew can replace him and search for the treasure that’s rumored to be in the house and how the ghosts chase him away. The style is nice--very EC Comics--and, like Hasting’s, the story’s too short by half."

HAUNTED MANSION Review from James Dodsworth from Millarworld Magazine,
Oct. 2005

"“The New Groundskeeper” is a straightforward story of the mansion’s groundskeeper being sacked, so his replacement has a shot of finding treasure that is supposedly hidden in the mansion. Obviously we all know what’s going to happen, but that doesn’t detract from the charm of the story."

HAUNTED MANSION Review from Athena Workman from Apex Digest ,

“The New Groundskeeper” by D.W. Frydendall (The Creeps) is a simple story: Gracey Mansion’s groundskeeper is fired. Taking his place is a greedy treasure hunter who goes to the mansion to see if the rumors are true. To say more would give away the entire story, but if that isn’t original, neither is the rest. The illustrations are terrific, however, and lift the story out of mundanity.

HAUNTED MANSION Review from Neil Figuracion from Broken Frontier,
Oct. 28, 2005

"The fifth short, by D.W. Frydendall doesn’t have much story to it. Essentially, the human caretaker (?!?) of the mansion is fired and replaced by a greedy treasure seeker. It doesn’t bear much mention."

D.W.'s Note: "This guy rocks! He's sassy!"

Online Reviews for HAUNTED MANSION #3:

HAUNTED MANSION issue 3 Review From Mark from CHUD (CInematic Happenings Under Development),
May.9th, 2006

"The best thing about the otherwise-fairly-dismal Eddie Murphy-starring “Haunted House” was the singing life-sized busts from the cemetery – one of the only direct lifts from the popular theme-park attraction. The rest of the film? Dreck. So, when a comic book comes out purporting to be the more faithful version of tales lifted from the ride, it should be better than the film, right? Well, sort of. Though some of the in-jokes in this ghostly, Haunted Mansion-themed anthology are aimed at only the most hardcore of Doom Buggy fanatics, the stories themselves – with the exception of “The Peppermint Girl” from John Habermas and D.W. Frydendall – are still pretty paper thin. “Peppermint Girl,” about two boys sneaking into the haunted mansion to ask the lonely girl who never dances to dance, is the only really macabre tale as the boys try to kill themselves in comic ways to get close to her – not realizing that they’ve been dead for some time, having eaten the tainted candy that killed her. The other stories, well, not as good."

HAUNTED MANSION issue 3 Review From Michael May from Comic World News
June. 5th, 2006

"Frydendall’s “The Peppermint Girl” is the best story of the issue, about two nerds who fall in love with a ghost and compete to see who can die first and be with her in eternity. "

Online Reviews for Time Machine's album GRIME MACHINE:

TIME MACHINE Review from Kudos Records,

"-Los Angeles-based cover artist DW Frydendall provides eye-popping cover art which promises to have TM fans grabbing the record off the shelf, and those not in the know looking for a listening station where they can take a test drive."

Online Reviews for Radio Cult's album GROOVES FROM THE GRAVE:

RADIO CULT Review from Film Apocalypse,

"The cover art is equally brilliant! Created by comic book artist D.W. Frydendall, the cover and accompanying CD booklet (which is filled with amazing horror movie style artwork and photos) make the whole package even better. "

Online Reviews for Necro's album DIE!:

NECRO Review from ZoomLab Urban Magazine,

"Fans von (Death)Metal könnten sich beim Anblick der Cover auch gerne mal dazu entschließen, ein Necro-Album zu kaufen, dank bestem Splatter-Comic-Style von D.W. Frydendall."